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Top Brand With 25 Years Of Industry Experience

As one of the top DTF printer manufacturers in China, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional support services to our clients, such as skills training, marketing planning, and brand building. We accept and customize OEM and ODM orders to meet specific requirements. Our products boast first-class quality and are certified by SGS, ISO, and CE.

Simple Operation, Easy To Start A Business

As the best t-shirt printer manufacturer, we take pride in offering user-friendly DTF printers with easy-to-understand manuals. Despite their low investment cost, our printers deliver high output to help your business succeed and thrive.

Buy 1 set at Wholesale Price

We could get you covered with our affordable t-shirt printers, even if you only need one! You can get wholesale pricing for just one set of our DTF printers. This way, you can get great prices no matter how much you order.

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dtf printer manufacturers
dtf printer manufacturers
dtf printer manufacturers


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Turnkey solution

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DTF Printer

High precision, high printing quality, high efficiency, continuous printing and inking, no plate making, no hollowing, no waste discharge, 4-level color fastness, automatic film feeding, convenient inking, suitable for a variety of fabrics, no limitation of patterns, no limitation of color, free printing any idea.

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Powder Shaker Machine

Unattended automatic powder loading, automatic filtration, uniform powder adhesion, clean shaking powder, excess powder will not be adsorbed in the invalid picture area, conveyor belt platform is equipped with air suction device, uniform heating, no color difference after infrared drying.

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Heat Press Machine

Intelligent temperature control, uniform heating, adjustable pressure, easy operation, parallel bar pressure design, pre spiral pressure regulation, thickened U-shaped heating aluminum plate.

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Health and environmental protection ink, no BPPS, no methanol, wear close to the body is harmless. Bright color, high saturation, clear and uniform ink, do not block the nozzle, strong compatibility to protect the nozzle does not harm the machine. High color fastness, insoluble in water does not fade.

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Strong ink adsorption, uniform coating, effectively improve 95% color reduction, cold tear and hot tear two types of film for you to choose, suitable for a variety of printers. Widely used in T-shirt, shoes, clothing, handbags, suitcases, hats and other industries. Can be cut into rolls or slices according to customer's needs. The coating formula can be adjusted to satisfy the customization needs for the release force, thickness and any other properties.

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DTF Hot Melt Powder

Our TPU polyurethane hot melt adhesive powder has the following advantages: environmental protection, non-toxic, high purity, good flexibility, high viscosity, high solidity, not easy to fall off, water resistance, dry cleaning resistance, stable performance, resistance to 100℃ high temperature, easy storage


Estimated Cost Analysis

It’s important to think about how much it will cost and how much profit you can make before buying an Audley DTF printer. We can help you make a smart choice that fits your budget and business goals by giving you clear information about the costs. Call us today to talk about the costs of our DTF printers and how they can help your business.

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DTF Printer

Different specifications of printers have different prices. Take S2030-X5 as an example, the price of a complete set of machines and equipment including powder shaking machine and smoke filter is about $3000. If printing 8 hours a day, about 35-40 square meters can be printed every day, which can fully meet the needs of a start-up company.



A complete set of four 1000ml CMYK ink bottles plus one 1000ml white ink bottle is available for $180. In addition, we can also provide small bottles of ink according to customer needs.



$60 a roll. The size of a roll is 30cm width x 100m length

$90 a roll. The size of a roll is 60cm width x 100m length


Hot Melt Adhesive

$9.5/kg, packing specification: 5kg/bag, healthy and friendly to environment, high stickiness, high firmness, not easy to fall off, water resistant.


Heat Press Machine

$190/set, power 1800w, the machine is designed for easy operation, guarantees even heating, and intelligent reminder feature.



A set of machine+a set of ink+a roll of PET film+powder, the total volume is about 2.5-3 CBM, and the weight is about 250kgs. The freight transportation to different addresses is also different. Please tell us your address, we calculate the freight for you.


Working Area

DTF Printer covers a small area and only costs at least 10 square meters, greatly saving entrepreneurial costs and increasing investment returns.

Contact us now to purchase a DTF printing package for fast start printing!

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Why Choose Us

Zhengzhou Audley Digital Control Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional and recognized leader among digital printer manufacturers and t-shirt printing machine suppliers in China. For over 25 years, we have been committed to researching, producing, and selling advanced printers while maintaining a focus on innovation.
From our humble beginnings producing heat transfer banner printers, our company has rapidly grown to manufacture a diverse range of printers, including inkjet, sublimation fabric, automatic laminators, digital foil, DTF printers, and UV printers. Our success is due in part to our dedicated sales and service team, who strive to ensure long-term partnerships with our business partners.

Build Your Dream

25 Years Of Industry Experience

Audley’s high-quality inkjet printers, laminators, sublimation fabric printers, digital foil printers, UV printers, and heat transfer machines are popular in many countries and regions worldwide, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and America. Our reputation as a professional, approved, recognized, and reliable supplier of advertising equipment has been built on our commitment to delivering superior products and services.
If you’re looking for a China t-shirt printer or other advanced printing solutions, Audley has the expertise and technology to meet your needs. We are confident that our printers will be the preferred choice for businesses looking to make a lasting impression in their respective markets.


Successfully Projects Finished.


Professional Tests.


English-speaking technicians to provide technical support.


R&D crew to develop technology and provide customized service.

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Offer Wholesale Price For 1 Set

We have a complete supply chain that can save costs by 10%-20%. Even if you are a newly established startup company, you can afford to buy one printer as we offer wholesale prices.

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Same Techniques As Making Cars

Strict screening of accessory suppliers is carried out to ensure that each part meets our company's standards before being sent to the warehouse. Our printers are built with high-quality materials such as 6mm thick aluminum alloy, industrial-grade conveyor belts, and heavy-duty pressure rollers to enhance durability, accuracy, and stability.

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Ensured by CE certification and exclusive patents, our DTF printer is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Trust in our product's quality and market-proven performance.

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R&D Team

Our well-respected engineers with rich industry experience develop new products to meet the market demand every year, help customers to explore new markets and adapt to market changes.

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24/7 One-to-one Service

Customer service provides 24 hours online advice on tailored solutions, products and technologies.

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Spare Parts

Spare parts can be provided to ensure that customers will not be forced to stop production due to mechanical failure.

Order Steps

Emergency Email- 24/7

Confirm Printing Solution


We offer expert advice on selecting the best printing technology and equipment for your needs, considering the fabric type, design, color, and any other specific requirements. We can provide samples of various direct to film printing solutions to help you make an informed decision.

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Sample And Production


To ensure customer satisfaction, we provide sample production for approval before mass production. Submit your artwork or design, and we will create a sample to your specifications. Our team ensures a smooth and efficient production process with strict quality control. We inspect each product to meet your requirements and keep you updated on production status and delivery estimates.

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We make sure your order gets shipped safely and on time by working with reliable shipping companies. The time it takes for your order to arrive depends on where you are and how it’s being shipped, but we’ll give you an estimated delivery date and tracking info so you can keep an eye on it.

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Receive Merchandise


Once you receive your DTF printer, carefully inspect the package and printer for any damage during shipping. Test the printer to ensure it’s functioning correctly. In case you encounter any issues or have questions about the printer, please reach out to us immediately for lifetime technical support. We will help you resolve any problems.

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After Sale Service


As a responsible and dependable supplier, we are committed to providing excellent after-sale services to our customers. Our comprehensive after-sale services encompass technical support, provision of free spare parts, and online or on-site training. In the event that you encounter any issues while using our products, we encourage you to contact us without hesitation. Our team of skilled technical professionals will provide prompt and efficient solutions to guarantee the optimal performance of your equipment.

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Value Added Services

We always provide more value than you expect!

One-Stop Solution

We offer a convenient printing solution that takes care of everything from design to production and shipping. Just tell us what you need and our team will handle the rest. You can depend on us for a stress-free experience with your DTF printing package.

Free Sample

We provide complimentary product samples to ensure your complete satisfaction prior to making a purchase. If the sample meets your standards, we can proceed with the order. If not, we are committed to working with you to find an optimal solution.


Looking for a customized solution that meets your unique needs? Our professional OEM/ODM service provides essential design and production options to create products tailored to your specific requirements, including appearance and function.

Business Plan

We have a team of experienced business consultants who can assist you in analyzing market trends, identifying potential customers, and developing effective marketing strategies.

Graphic Design

We offer graphic design services to help turn your ideas into reality. Our skilled design team can assist you in creating eye-catching and polished designs that can help reduce your labor expenses.

Whar Our Clients Say



Procurement Manager

Alice Howard

We are thrilled to share our positive experience with Audley DTF printers! They have been our reliable printing partner for over a year, delivering outstanding print quality and durability that exceed our expectations. Their customer service team is also amazing - always there to help with any questions or concerns we have. We confidently recommend Audley DTF printers to anyone in the printing industry, with no risk of disappointment!



Nathan Marshall

We feel so lucky to have found Audley for our printing needs! Switching to DTF printing was a big decision, but their team made the transition a breeze. They gave us all the info and support we needed to get up and running in no time. The prints we've been able to produce are amazing, and our customers love them. Plus, we're able to do it all faster and more efficiently than ever before. Thanks, Audley!



Ema Romero

I am thrilled to share my positive experience with your company's professional and reliable customer service. From the purchasing process to importing and using the printer, I encountered some challenges, but your team was there every step of the way to provide me with exceptional support. Thanks to their troubleshooting assistance, the technical issues were resolved, and I was able to get the printer up and running smoothly. The team also provided valuable information on maintenance and care, which extended the printer's lifespan. I highly recommend your products to anyone seeking a trustworthy printing solution.



Ann Smith

I was blown away by the print quality of my apparel after using Audley DTF printers. The colors were incredibly vivid and the design was highly detailed. What's even better is how soft and comfortable the prints felt against my skin. I've already introduced Audley DTF printers to my friends and highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional and high-quality prints.

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Happy Customers

Check out some of our happy customers! Seeing their smiles and satisfaction is what drives us to continue delivering top-notch printing solutions and exceptional customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know is right here.

Buy DTF Printer​

Consider factors such as the type of materials you will be printing on, the size of your print jobs, and your budget when selecting a printer.

Our company was founded in 1996, we have specialized in producing sublimation textile printer, inkjet printer, hybrid printer, uv printer and laminators for 25 years, and this dtf printer has been in production for 3 years, about 2,000 units can be sold a year, to 80+ countries worldwide.

For the items you purchased, we will arrange shipping by sea or international express delivery to ship and usually the carriers are DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS. It shall be quite safe during shipping by sea or air. Additionally, we will purchase insurance as a guarantee for your order.

We can arrange door-to-door logistics transportation, including shipping, import costs, duty tax, etc. After paying, you just wait at home without worrying about shipping and customs clearance.

Installing the machine is a simple process, so there’s no need to worry. We provide detailed English manuals and instructional videos to guide you through the setup and operation of the machine. Additionally, our team of technicians is available to provide online technical support if needed.

We offer a one-year warranty (excluding the print head) and provide a WhatsApp after-sales chat group where our technicians will promptly assist you with any concerns.

Yes, contact us for details and we will give you a special price if you become an agent.

You can pay by bank transfer, Western Union, Payoneer, Transferwise, online credit card, or PayPal.

We will send you a payment confirmation email upon receiving your payment.

Use DTF Printer

A blank T-shirt costs $1.5, the cost of DTF printing consumables is $0.5, and the total cost is $2. It can be sold for at least $15, and the profit of a T-shirt is about $13. If you print 100 pieces a day, it is $1300, one month is $39,000.

If the working time is 8 hours a day, at least 3m² can be printed in one hour, 30m² can be printed in one day, and there are about 40 patterns/m² .1200 pcs pattern can be printed in a day at least, which means 1200 clothes can be printed.

It’s totally washable! Grade 4 color fastness, the color won’t be fading.

It’s fine if the iron can reach a standard high temperature, and it’s best to use a traditional electric iron rather than a steam iron, but we recommend using a professional heat press machine to press.

Hold in the hand repeatedly knead a little glue feel, not obvious from a distance.

Check the ink levels, ensure the printer is properly calibrated, and make sure the correct print settings are selected. Our customer service team can assist with additional troubleshooting steps.

DTF can be applied on a wide range of materials including, cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, 50/50 blends and more (light and dark fabrics).

The DTF printer employs a specialized pigment-based ink set that includes cyan, yellow, magenta, black, and white. The white ink is critical for the printing process, while the color pigments are utilized to print designs onto the film.

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